5th Annual NYC Type Off Winners!

This past Saturday night, we hosted the 5th Annual Type-Off hosted by Liz Suman and Pierre Greene.  It was a fun time and we would like to congratulate the 1st place winner Simone P. who took home the cash prize!  2nd place winner Jessica F. received a $75 gift certificate to Puddin’ NYC and 3rd place winner Gab Doe got an OBLVN signed print and t-shirt!  Thank you to everyone that came and participated.  We hope to see you all next year!  Below are some photos from the event:

The hosts setting up the typewriters:

There were puffs & pastries supplied by Panade:

…and the winner Simone P. with the CASH!

The winner and the runner-ups Jessica F. (accepted by her brother) and Gab Doe…

Some more photos below courtesy of Making Deals Zine:

More info on the Type-Off’s Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/nyctypeoff

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