Max Fish x Klughaus x DKNY x DKNY Jeans – Miami Art Basel 2013 Recap

Earlier in the month, we collaborated with Max Fish to do a pop-up bar in South Beach for Miami Art Basel 2013.  We curated the artwork and helped transform an existing bar into a Miami version of Max Fish (with the help of DKNY and DKNY Jeans!) Thank you to Radio Bar for the New York takeover and letting us transform their space! Check out some of the photos below from Max Fish in Miami!

Even the never ending construction next door to the Fish on Ludlow was in effect in Miami:max fish in miami - klughaus

Julio on vacation in Miami! (Original artwork by Mark Flood)mark flood julio iglesias max fish miami

max fish pool table miami

The artwork curated by Klughaus Gallery included pieces by: Alexander Heir, Brigitte Engler, Cinik, Combey Road, Dan Santoro, Elmo, Greg Lamarche, Gregg Woolard, Grotesk, Javier Bergasa, Jurne, Lewy Btm, Mark Flood, Maxwell Holyoke-Hirsch, Meryl Smith, Mr. Kiji, Sabekst, Seb Gorey, Snoeman, The Yok & Sheryo, Tom Gould, Steel, Wane Cod, and more!max fish miami artwork curated by Klughaus Gallery

Awesome piece by Daniel Santoro ”I Remember Sal’s.”Daniel Santoro - I Remember Sal's

Jurne “Writer’s Block”Jurne Writers Block

Max Fish Beer Cozies


Sabe KST:Sabe KST

Heather Benjamin

The Yok & Sheryo hooked up the backyard with a Max Fish… Fish (Shout out to ONLY NY for the stickers..)The Yok & Sheryo - Max Fish

Thanks to DKNY for helping make this project happen! An ode to the old Houston/Broadway DKNY Mural painted by Smart Crew.DKNY Dceve Smart Crew

We kicked off the opening night w/ the “Shred For Your Life” Guitar Battle that originated in Max Fish in the LES!Shred For Your Life - Max Fish

Shred For Your Life - Max Fish

Shred For Your Life Guitar Battle - Max Fish Miami

The Judges Judgin…. Arielle Castillo, Jaleel Bunton & Atiba JeffersonJudges

The Guitar Battle winner, Juan Montoya sporting a custom crown designed by Meryl Smith!Meryl Smith - Crown

DJ Wilder Zoby & Frankie Bones

Of course, it wouldn’t be a true Max Fish without graffiti in the bathrooms!Max Fish Miami Bathroom


Lewy BTM x Kaws (Kind of…):Lewy BTM Kaws Grotesk Daniel Santoro

Cheryl Dunn (Photo courtesy of 12ozProphet):Cheryl Dunn - 12ozProphet

Max Fish Shelly

Baby deer by Meryl Smith


Nelleke!DJ Nelleke

DKNY x Max Fish

Max Fish Miami Backyard

Meryl Smith, Ulli Rinkus, and Wilder Zoby

Max Fish Coasters

Photos credit: Maya Margolina, World Red Eye and 12ozProphet.

For those still interested in obtaining some remaining pieces from our Miami show, you can download the PDF of the show catalog: – Contact for sale inquiries.

Thank you to everyone involved in making this happen! Ulli, Gregg, Shelly and the whole Max Fish team, Klughaus Staff, DKNY, All Day Everyday, Radio Bar, and the NY locals in Miami who were the outta-towners for a few days! “I Miss The New Max Fish!”…. Until next time!

Smart Fools (Smart Crew x Fool’s Gold) Thurs. 12/12 7-9pm in Brooklyn, NY

This Thursday (12/12) Fool’s Gold is proud to present our latest Artist Series opening, “Smart Fools,” a highly anticipated group exhibition featuring NYC’s own Smart Crew. Founded in 1997 by a group of high school friends in Queens, Smart Crew has evolved from a NYC-based graffiti crew into a diverse collective of international artists based in New York. Over the years, many of the members have branched out from their graffiti roots into alternate art forms including music, fashion, design and photography.

“Smart Fools” marks the first time Smart Crew has ever showcased its fine art as a collective, featuring all new work from Smart Crew artists including Action Bronson, Dceve, Despot, Elmo, Hso, Jeffrey Gamblero, Marty, Meyhem Lauren, Mr. Kiji, Pierre Hefner, Snoeman, Tom Gould and Toper.  The show will present a variety of pieces, all with a “gold” theme that illustrates each artist’s unique style and the diversity of Smart Crew as a collective.

Most importantly , “Smart Fools” highlights the subversive streak and sense of humor that runs through all the artists’ work, as shown in this promo video for the exhibition, which turns graf video seriousness on its ear for a sticker bombing campaign of comedically epic heights.

“Smart Fools” opens this Thursday (12/12) at the Fool’s Gold store on 536 Metropolitan Avenue in Brooklyn with an opening reception from 7-9pm. Refereshments will be served and limited-edition items will be available for purchase, along with original artwork. Thanks to Klughaus Gallery for presenting the “Smart Fools” exhibition with us, and Adidas Originals for sponsoring all our artist series events this year.

You can download the preview catalog for the show here:

Smart Fools - Smart Crew x Fool's Gold x Klughaus


Max Fish x Klughaus (DKNY x DKNY Jeans) – Miami Art Basel 2013

Klughaus is back in Miami for Art Basel 2013! This time, we are partnering with Max Fish (also currently without a home) to recreate their bar in South Beach. We will have an exhibition in the space featuring artwork by several artists including: Alexander Heir, Brigitte Engler, Cinik, Combee Road, Daniel Santoro, Greg Lamarche, Gregg Woolard, Grotesk, Jurne, Lewy Btm, Mark Flood, Maxwell Holyoke-Hirsch, Meryl Smith, Mr. Kiji, Sabekst, Seb Gorey, Snoeman, The Yok & Sheryo, Tom Gould, Victor Reyes, Steel, Wane Cod and more!

Max Fish x Klughaus x DKNY x DKNY Jeans

Please use below for Social Media…

Max Fish x Klughaus x DKNY x DKNY Jeans

Preview Catalog Requests:

Press Contact: Liz Suman –


Here’s a little flash back video to our antics at Art Basel last year w/ The Seventh Letter:

Jurne “Interior Design” Video by Lea Bruno – New Jurne “Escape” Print

“Jurne worked with Lea Bruno to document the interior design efforts taking place in an abandoned warehouse in the Bay Area.” Looks like he invited some amazing international artists to help out!  Video also features work from BERST, DMOTE, STEEL, TORO, WANE and others..

Here’s a new Jurne print that was recently released.

Hand-embellished archival pigment print
Signed and Editioned to 15
16″ x 20″
Printed on 260 gsm Somerset Archival paper with deckle edges
$100 plus $10 S&H worldwide

Available at:






Available at:

PAL Crew in NYC (Film by Will Robson Scott) – Klughaus New York (Palingenesis)

The talented Will Robson-Scott shot a short film of the PAL in NYC for the Palingenesis show at Klughaus back in May.  Shot using a throwback camcorder from the 90′s, this video was reminiscent of a Video Graf VHS.  Music by Cube-Hiks and Edited by Luca Campanale.  Featuring Horfe, Gorey, Tomek, Esso, Skub, Mosa and Saeyo.

Check out more of Will Robson-Scott’s video work below:


Jersey Joe / Rime – New wall in Chinatown “The Year of The Snake” 2013

Jersey Joe Rime just painted this crazy wall in Chinatown featuring Snakes, King Kong, Godzilla, The Statue of Liberty, Horses, Chicks, Nekst Subway, Dceve, Sev, Easy, Box Truck, Sane and Smith on the Brooklyn Bridge and much more!  By far, this is one of the best walls in downtown Manhattan right now.  Check out images and detail shots of the wall below:

Rime MSK AWR - Graffiti - Klughaus Gallery LES

Jersey Joe / Rime / Klughaus - Chinatown Wall 2013 "Year of The Snake"

Jersey Joe / Rime / Klughaus - Chinatown Wall 2013 "Year of The Snake" - MSK

Jersey Joe / Rime / Klughaus - Chinatown Wall 2013 "Year of The Snake" - Sane Smith

Jersey Joe / Rime / Klughaus - Chinatown Wall 2013 "Year of The Snake" - Dceve Easy Sev

Jersey Joe / Rime / Klughaus - Chinatown Wall 2013 "Year of The Snake" - NEKST

Klughaus Screening of “La Haine” & 6th Annual Type-Off – 154 Stanton St.

Thank you to everyone who came to the opening of Palingenesis last Saturday! The exhibition is open everyday from 12-8pm at 154 Stanton St. There are still a couple of limited edition zines left so drop by to pick them up before they are all gone!

This coming weekend, we are hosting a few events at the space in conjunction with the Palingenesis show:

Starting Friday evening (5/17) from 8-11pm, we are screening the 1995 French film “La Haine” directed by Mathieu Kassovitz. Please RSVP to as there is limited capacity seating. For more information on the screening, please visit:

Trailer for the film:

On Saturday evening (5/18) from 7-11pm, we will be hosting the 6th Annual NYC Type-Off (2013)! For more details on this event, please visit:

Hope to see you at the events this weekend!

Palingenesis Recap at Klughaus x LRG x Brisk Pop-up 154 Stanton (Gorey, Horfe, Cony, Tomek, Saeyo, Mosa, Esso & Skub)

Here are some recap photos from the “Palingenesis” opening this past weekend. All photos by Cindy Bencosme for Klughaus unless otherwise noted.

The show is up through this Sunday 5/19. Gallery hours are 12-8pm daily and by appointment at 154 Stanton St. Please contact for a catalog/hi-res images for requested pieces.

Photo by Cyprien Mesley

Photo by Cyprien Mesley

It was a great time with tons of great people. Thanks to all who supported!  If you missed the opening, come by the closing reception Sunday May 19 from 2-6pm.

Klughaus Pop-Up
154 Stanton St.
New York, NY 10002

Installation View: Palingenesis feat. Gorey, Horfe, Cony, Tomek, Saeyo, Mosa, Esso & Skub (154 Stanton St.)

This past Saturday, with the help of LRG and Brisk, we had our first pop-up show of 2013 featuring Gorey and Paris’ PAL Crew including Horfe, Cony, Tomek, Saeyo, Esso and Skub. Below are some installation views of the show. You can download the catalog for the show here. Please contact for hi-res images of any particular pieces.

The gallery is open everyday from 12 – 8pm at our pop-up location 154 Stanton St.. If you missed the opening, please stop by the closing reception this Sunday May 19 from 2-6pm.  For more show details, please visit:

Gorey hails from a background in industrial design with a diploma from the renowned Ensci Les Ateliers (Paris Design Institute). His work portrays the ingenuity and versatility of human-made recycling and strives to encompass the end of industrial production and the revenge of nature. His production is largely inspired by the concept of stacking and colliding disparate elements as a means for creating a new and unified whole. In addition to his individual artistic pursuits, Gorey works as a fashion designer for the menswear brand Woolf New York.

Horfé began to take an interest in the fine art world during his recent experience in art school, where he began incorporating the illustrative elements of his graffiti onto paper and canvases. Historically motivated by the challenge of creating works in the street under a variety of constraints including lack of money, time and permission, Horfé’s current challenge in the fine art world is producing works within the confined space of a studio. His creativity is fed by the natural energy of Paris, where he utilizes every available space with confidence and perseverance. His work is inspired by vintage cartoons from the 1930s, and explores the boundaries of precise illustration and total abstraction.

Cony’s art evokes the style of vintage Walt Disney, a mix of pop and esoteric references that creates a rich and mysterious world in which to lose oneself. Cony has shown in Paris at the Palais de Tokyo and his work was awarded the prestigious Le Salon de Montrouge in 2011. In addition to his success in the fine art world, Cony’s work can be found throughout the streets of Paris, most often high in the sky on the city’s rooftops.

Tomek comes from the Paris graffiti and street art scene with a focus on typography and gestural painting. His style explores an orbiting of energetic materials and calligraphy. His innovative techniques and the speed of his stroke invite us to both question certain aesthetic limits and consider alternative artistic approaches. One of the many appeals of Tomek’s work is the opportunity it provides to follow the evolution of an artist clearly aware of his constantly-changing era.

Saeyo graduated from L’ecole De Boulle in 2011, where he majored in “Furniture and Decorations.” His predecessors have taught him to understand the spirit of untamed Nature. Parallel to this exploration of Nature has been Saeyo’s experience growing up in a city surrounded by fleeting pleasures. Paris has been a place that allows Saeyo to fuse theatrical performance and painting, and transform the concept of graffiti as an illegal act into an intriguing and dynamic event. The extreme opposition of these two universes reflected in Saeyo’s work is beautifully paradoxical, and an essential source of his artistic approach. To him, tagging is a form of renaissance, a parietal urban doodle that cares for neither law nor order. It casts aside all conventions and makes space for only the spontaneity of a line, guided by adrenaline to the recognition of a name.

Mosa’s work is an exploration of science fiction and fantasy. He believes in a world where fantasy imagery, visions, and the expectations involved in their processions can reinvent worlds. To this end, Mosa weaves words into new stories that come to life in his paintings. He creates works that blend the past, present and future, and amalgamate distances in a way that allows the viewer to construct an ideal fantastical world. His narrative structure is reminiscent of comics and the cinema: successive or overlapping figures that propel a plot to fruition. The questions that nourish Mosa’s paintings are rooted in the anguish of our time, fear of the future, and the paradoxes of the era in which we live: fear of nuclear Apocalypse, social decadence, and the advent of virtual worlds. He attempts to open the border between the probable and the improbable, a contradiction that interests him because it reveals the strangeness of emerging forms and intriguing objects endowed with a visual power.

Esso has always been fascinated by capturing the presence of the people around him. As a child, he dreamed of becoming a war reporter, and first saw graffiti as a war on society, law, and order, before discovering that he was also interested in the war that each individual fights with him or herself. This includes the bond each writer develops between his personal history and his artwork. Graffiti opened the door to other art forms, including photography. “Photography then led me to painting,” he explains. “I met more serious, formal and academic artists at my art school, the Beaux-Arts in Paris, which fueled my desire to build links between these two practices.” Esso’s images are meant to depict nostalgic relationships between the humanity of his subjects as they are confronted with the fragility of their actions.

Skub was born in Germany in the furious 1980s. One of his earliest memories was the fall of the Berlin Wall and the opening to a new world. Now living in Paris, Skub is obsessed with the cultural differences between his French and German worlds. His appetite for art led him to the study of the occult and the esoteric. Through graffiti, PAL invited Skub to share a part of his world on the walls of Paris. The rest of Skub’s activities remain unknown, and it is only in secret shows that he can exhibit his magic thoughts to the public.

“Palingenesis” is on view at 154 Stanton St. and up through Sunday May 19, 2013. For sales inquiries, contact