OPENING: Jesse Edwards – Dialogue of the Streets at Klughaus Gallery (Part 1)

Below are some photos from the Jesse Edwards “Dialogue Of The Streets” opening at Klughaus Gallery on Friday the 13th (1/13/2012.)  Thanks to everyone who trooped it out to the Lower “Far East” Side in Chinatown on such a cold night.  It was a great turn out and the gallery was packed through out the evening with wonderful people and amazing art by Jesse!  A special thanks to Bomb Lager for sponsoring us with refreshments (that people thought were energy drinks at first, but were very happy when they realized it was beer!)

Jesse Edwards talking about his ceramic pieces to Judy Rifka. Most of the ceramic pieces were sold within the first hour of the show!

via: freshpaintnyc

For each of the pieces in this show, we created mobile optimized web pages that could be accessed by scanning different QR codes next to the pieces.  The web pages contained the description of the particular piece in Jesse’s words along with some additional photos of the work in progress.  If you know Jesse, you know that he can definitely talk “art” for a long time!  His stories and reasons behind painting his pieces were really interesting, so we wanted to share the insight rather than just displaying the work itself.  At the opening, the tech-savvy people familiar with the QR codes started scanning away.  There are a number of free QR reader apps for Blackberry, iPhone, and Android that we suggest you download if you are coming to check out the show!

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