OPENING (Part 2): Jesse Edwards – Dialogue of the Streets at Klughaus Gallery

Jesse Edwards “Dialogue of the Streets” Opening Reception (continued…)

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Clayton Patterson for Jesse Edwards

Kembra Pfahler for Jesse Edwards

via: supplyanddemand

This limited book of Jesse’s work quickly sold out at the opening. We are taking pre-orders for more if you are interested!

Dash Snow tribute portraits in Jesse Edward’s book.

“The anonymous mask was inspired by the Occupy Wall Street movement. The painting is from a mask I purchased at a Halloween store and then tacked to my wall and painted it from life. The anonymous mask coincides with the underworld and the graffiti movement and the anonymity that cloaks these artists from the mainstream/the rest of the world.

The anonymous idea behind the (Guy Fawkes) mask was interesting. While I painting it, I started really thinking about what this type of image is representative of, the 99% and all. I feel it. I’m sympathetic to a lot of their ideology, as far as sharing the wealth. But I’m an American, and I believe that with handwork you can achieve a lot of things by yourself. The mask is just an image of the movement, and I don’t necessarily share the same values. You know, I’m a poor person, but I don’t want to live in a communist state.” (Excerpt taken from a recent interview that Jesse did with 12ozProphet)

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