Klughaus Screening of “La Haine” & 6th Annual Type-Off – 154 Stanton St.

Thank you to everyone who came to the opening of Palingenesis last Saturday! The exhibition is open everyday from 12-8pm at 154 Stanton St. There are still a couple of limited edition zines left so drop by to pick them up before they are all gone!

This coming weekend, we are hosting a few events at the space in conjunction with the Palingenesis show:

Starting Friday evening (5/17) from 8-11pm, we are screening the 1995 French film “La Haine” directed by Mathieu Kassovitz. Please RSVP to rsvp@klughaus.net as there is limited capacity seating. For more information on the screening, please visit: http://klughaus.net/la-haine

Trailer for the film:

On Saturday evening (5/18) from 7-11pm, we will be hosting the 6th Annual NYC Type-Off (2013)! For more details on this event, please visit: http://klughaus.net/type-off

Hope to see you at the events this weekend!

5th Annual NYC Type Off Winners!

This past Saturday night, we hosted the 5th Annual Type-Off hosted by Liz Suman and Pierre Greene.  It was a fun time and we would like to congratulate the 1st place winner Simone P. who took home the cash prize!  2nd place winner Jessica F. received a $75 gift certificate to Puddin’ NYC and 3rd place winner Gab Doe got an OBLVN signed print and t-shirt!  Thank you to everyone that came and participated.  We hope to see you all next year!  Below are some photos from the event:

The hosts setting up the typewriters:

There were puffs & pastries supplied by Panade:

…and the winner Simone P. with the CASH!

The winner and the runner-ups Jessica F. (accepted by her brother) and Gab Doe…

Some more photos below courtesy of Making Deals Zine:

More info on the Type-Off’s Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/nyctypeoff

5th Annual NYC Type-Off ! 2012 Edition at Klughaus Gallery

5th Annual Type-Off ™ – Anniversary Edition

Saturday, March 24, 2012
9:00pm until 1:00am

Klughaus Gallery / Event Space
47 Monroe Street New York, NY 10002


Our friends at KLUGHAUS GALLERY have generously offered to host this year’s event, which will include our usual speed and accuracy-based competition as well as live video projection, a first-place CA$H prize and prizes for runner-ups.

  • Doors open at 9, typing begins at 10.
  • Two typewriters: One Olympia and One Remington Streamline
  • $1 PBRs while supplies last (BYOB welcome)
  • Secure your slot through our virtual sign-up (Those who sign up in advance and receive a free drink w/entrance free).
  • Learn more about the Type-Off’s history and rules on our official Facebook page (Please “like” our Facebook Fan page to unlock updates and special promotions).

Please send media requests to suman@klughaus.net

Now get ready to TYPE!


Snowblind presented by Carnage and Making Deals Zine opens this Friday!

With SNOWBLIND, Klughaus Gallery, in conjunction with Carnage and Making Deals Zine, is proud to present a group of artists who have captured the gritty pleasures of the winter season.

Photographs from renowned urban documentarian Martha Cooper and Carnage zine creator Ray Mock show slush, sludge, and frozen faces contrasted with empty, peaceful city streets and the blinding white of last night’s snowfall. The show also features clever, snow-inspired artwork and photography from Jesse Edwards, Mike P, Alexander Richter, Ian Reid, Steven Siegel, Michael Fales, Oscar Arriola, Graham Shimberg and Bob Barry.

The show’s opening reception will mark the launch of issue #2 of Carnage, a limited edition zine featuring the highly distinctive work of New York City’s ATM Crew.Opening Reception:
Date: Friday, Feb. 17, 2012
Time: 6:00pm-10:00pm
Location: 47 Monroe Street New York, NY 10002

 SNOWBLIND Artist Information

Martha Cooper is a documentary photographer who has specialized in shooting urban vernacular art and architecture for over thirty years. Her work has been exhibited in museums and galleries worldwide and published extensively in magazines from National Geographic to Vibe. Some of her publications include Subway Art, New York State of Mind, Going Postal, and most recently, Tokyo Tattoo 1970.

Ray Mockʼs mission as a photographer is to capture the uncooptable core of city culture and make ugly look pretty. His work has been featured in books, in magazines and on countless websites. He publishes Carnage and likes to hang around trains.

Jesse Edwards is a Seattle based artist who focuses on oil paintings ranging from classic landscapes to more unconventional still-lifes. In addition to his paintings of guns, marijuana plants and graffiti tools, he is known for his pixilated nudes as well as his quality work with ceramics. He has studied at the Cornish School of the Arts and Gage Academy and has exhibited his work throughout the United States in many prominent galleries and museums including Seattleʼs Center on Contemporary Art (CoCA), Woodside/Braseth Gallery, BLVD Gallery, Deitch Projects, The Hole NYC, and The Museum of Sex. Edwards has also been featured in many prestigious publications including the New York Times, Seattle Times, Vice Magazine, Seattle PI, and City Arts Magazine.

Steven Siegel has been photographing the streets and subways of New York for the past 30 years. When young people today look at his shots from the 1980ʼs, they are aghast. To them, New York of the 1980ʼs is almost unrecognizable. Steven has exhibited his work at many prestigious institutions including the New York State Museum, Federal Hall, Hudson Waterfront Museum, and more. He graduated Columbia University with a Masters of Science in Urban Planning.

Mike P is a New York City based artist who works in a wide range of mediums focusing on
painting and illustration. His art can be found in one form or another in many of the places that he has traveled around the world.

Alexander Richter is an NYC based commercial photographer specializing in portraits for
editorial, advertising and the music industries. When he is not making pictures, he can be found with his wife in Maine drinking fresh squeezed lemonade and eating lobster rolls.

Michael Fales can be found photographing the streets as the city comes alive in the morning, or exploring itʼs tucked-away nooks. His photos have appeared on numerous websites, books, and exhibitions. He currently resides in Brooklyn with his wife and two cats.

Graham Shimberg is a photographer, track-walker, freight-nerd, and bindle-stiff.

Bob Barry documents graffiti amidst the paranoia and the Disney-fication of a post-9/11 New York.

Oscar Arriola is a Chicago-based photographer who has enjoyed documenting graffiti, city life, tuxedo cats, rogue cops, and artists since the mid-80′s. His photography has been featured in the recent Chicago Street Art book.