Klughaus x The Seventh Letter Trucks in Miami for Art Basel 2012

Klughaus Gallery was in Miami for Art Basel showcasing some of the top graffiti artists on our fleet of Klughaus trucks.  The artists who were a part of this project included: RIME MSK, TOPER, OBLVN, GOREY, DCEVE SMART, VOR DBI, STAE2, ALOY MSK, KAPUT VTS, LARGE VTS, ANTHONY LISTER, WITNES/TYKE, GREVE and last but not least an OIL (RIP) tribute by JUNE, DZEE and friends.  Throughout the event, live music was provided by MR. GREEN and MECA on the drums on top of the trucks!

The concept of this Klughaus project was to showcase the true nature of “graffiti.”  Graffiti writers dedicate a lot of time and effort into their work while not expecting any monetary rewards.   There is also no guarantee how long the work will last (sometimes gone within hours.)   With the forced cycles of graffiti in this project, every one of the artists painted with the mindset that their artwork would be gone within 24 hours (and running less time the longer it took them to paint.)  This forced a “purist” mentality upon the artists but it did not stop any of the artists from producing top-notch quality work!

The mobile nature of these trucks allowed us to bring the artwork to life while rolling down the main streets of Wynwood and then over to Miami Beach (where most of the artwork was contained inside of galleries.) This “Out-of-the-box-truck” approach definitely turned heads when we paraded down NW 2nd Street in Wynwood Saturday night (Teen Wolf style) with drummers & a bunch of people on top of a freshly painted truck by RIME & TOPER.  Miami police eventually shut us down but it was fun while it lasted!  Stay tuned for a video of the project but  in the mean time, check out some of the photos below:





OIL (RIP) by JUNE, DZEE character by OBLVN






Also, if you are in New York, check out RIME & TOPER‘s show “Snap Back – Dangerous Drawings About New York” opening Saturday Dec 15, 2012 6-10pm at Klughaus Gallery (47 Monroe Street New York, NY 10002.)  Details on the show here: http://klughaus.net/rime-toper  For a preview catalog, please email sales@klughaus.net

Klughaus Cheapskate Art Sale/Pop-up Shop opens TODAY! (June 21-24) Go Skateboarding Day

In coordination with Go Skateboarding Day and the grand opening of the Coleman Oval x Nike x 5Boro Skate Park, we will be having a “Cheapskate” Art Sale/Pop-up Shop that is officially OPEN as of this post! The shop/show will be up through Sunday June 24th. Come by to support the NYC skate scene! We have tons of products and artwork at affordable prices! For more info, please visit: http://klughaus.net/cheapskate

Klughaus Gallery
47 Monroe Street
New York, NY 10002

Participating Artists:
Adam Lawrence
Dominic Corry ATG
Erica Reade
Gamblero Smart Crew
Lurker Lou
Matt Arbuckle
Mr. Kiji
Panik ATG
Pete Chile
The Yok

Participating Brands:
43 Magazine
Animal Bikes
Death Traitors
Iron Claw Skates
Making Deals Zine
Only NY
Skate All Cities
The Old New York
The World’s Best Ever

We have a additional prints available. Please ask if interested in a particular artist!

Gorey pieces on SALE!

OBLVN pieces on SALE!

SNOEMAN pieces on SALE!

The kids are anxious to skate the new park…

Klughaus Gallery
47 Monroe Street
New York, NY 10002

5th Annual NYC Type Off Winners!

This past Saturday night, we hosted the 5th Annual Type-Off hosted by Liz Suman and Pierre Greene.  It was a fun time and we would like to congratulate the 1st place winner Simone P. who took home the cash prize!  2nd place winner Jessica F. received a $75 gift certificate to Puddin’ NYC and 3rd place winner Gab Doe got an OBLVN signed print and t-shirt!  Thank you to everyone that came and participated.  We hope to see you all next year!  Below are some photos from the event:

The hosts setting up the typewriters:

There were puffs & pastries supplied by Panade:

…and the winner Simone P. with the CASH!

The winner and the runner-ups Jessica F. (accepted by her brother) and Gab Doe…

Some more photos below courtesy of Making Deals Zine:

More info on the Type-Off’s Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/nyctypeoff

Time Out NY’s “Your Perfect Weekend” featuring the Type-Off

The 5th Annual Type-Off has been featured in this week’s Time Out NY!



See you there this Saturday and get ready to TYPE!

Saturday 3/24 9pm-1am
Klughaus Gallery / Event Space
47 Monroe Street
New York, NY 10002

F Train to East Broadway
M15/M15 Select to Catherine St. x Madison St.

5th Annual NYC Type-Off ! 2012 Edition at Klughaus Gallery

5th Annual Type-Off ™ – Anniversary Edition

Saturday, March 24, 2012
9:00pm until 1:00am

Klughaus Gallery / Event Space
47 Monroe Street New York, NY 10002


Our friends at KLUGHAUS GALLERY have generously offered to host this year’s event, which will include our usual speed and accuracy-based competition as well as live video projection, a first-place CA$H prize and prizes for runner-ups.

  • Doors open at 9, typing begins at 10.
  • Two typewriters: One Olympia and One Remington Streamline
  • $1 PBRs while supplies last (BYOB welcome)
  • Secure your slot through our virtual sign-up (Those who sign up in advance and receive a free drink w/entrance free).
  • Learn more about the Type-Off’s history and rules on our official Facebook page (Please “like” our Facebook Fan page to unlock updates and special promotions).

Please send media requests to suman@klughaus.net

Now get ready to TYPE!


OBLVN “100 Paintings” through April 1st – Opening Recap!

Here are some photos from the Aaron OBLVN “100 Paintings” opening last Saturday.  Another packed house and successful show!  Thanks to Aaron for all the hard work he put into this show (his first on the east coast and hopefully more to come.) Once again, another big thanks to Bomb Beer for supplying the drinks!

Aaron OBLVN in Chinatown/LES Klughaus Gallery

Aaron OBLVN - Lost Kaws SOLD

Aaron OBLVN 100 Paintings Art Gallery Framed

Klughaus Gallery Opening Aaron OBLVN

Aaron OBLVN 100 Paintings Art Gallery Framed

Photo by Work Is Dangerous To Your Health:

$25 “Dennis The Menace Vandal” & “America’s Pissed” Tees and Limited Edition Posters:


Wood character cut-outs by OBLVN & the neighborhood:

Come by and get your photos:

Or take these guys home with you (still available):

There are still a lot of great pieces available! Scoop them up before they are long gone. We are open Thurs./Fri. from 1-7pm and Sat./Sun. from 12-6pm. We are close by the F train (East Broadway) or the M15 to Catherine/Madison St. in Chinatown/LES. Drop by the gallery to submit your email address to enter to win a FREE OBLVN Poster/Shirt(s) until April 1st.

More coverage below:

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Saturday March 10, 2012 – OBLVN Debuts “100 Paintings” at Klughaus Gallery (Armory Week)

Been so busy getting everything together for this upcoming show that we forgot to throw it on our own blog! 

Portland native Aaron OBLVN will be having his first east coast show this Saturday at Klughaus Gallery.  He is an amazing illustrator and will be showcasing his talent by exhibiting one hundred pieces in a show titled “100 Paintings.”  He will also be releasing a limited edition Klughaus x OBLVN T-shirt as well as a limited edition print.

Aaron OBLVN “100 Paintings”
Saturday March 10, 2012 6-10pm
Klughaus Gallery 47 Monroe St. New York, NY 10002

*ATTENTION: Media/Press/Collectors: Please contact us for an advance viewing of the show at info@klughaus.net or call 646-801-6024.

If you can’t make it out for the opening on Saturday evening, we will be open the next day on Sunday from 10am through 9pm for the Downtown/LES gallery walk (part of the Armory Arts Week FREE events.)  The show will be on display through April 1, 2012.

Here’s OBLVN’s cartoon version (featuring Felix the Cat) of the infamous KAWS heist that happened at Marc Ecko’s offices last year:

There are so many great illustrations, but here’s a few exclusive previews:


Don’t forget to rsvp@klughaus.net

Follow us on twitter: http://twitter.com/klughaus