5th Annual NYC Type-Off ! 2012 Edition at Klughaus Gallery

5th Annual Type-Off ™ – Anniversary Edition

Saturday, March 24, 2012
9:00pm until 1:00am

Klughaus Gallery / Event Space
47 Monroe Street New York, NY 10002


Our friends at KLUGHAUS GALLERY have generously offered to host this year’s event, which will include our usual speed and accuracy-based competition as well as live video projection, a first-place CA$H prize and prizes for runner-ups.

  • Doors open at 9, typing begins at 10.
  • Two typewriters: One Olympia and One Remington Streamline
  • $1 PBRs while supplies last (BYOB welcome)
  • Secure your slot through our virtual sign-up (Those who sign up in advance and receive a free drink w/entrance free).
  • Learn more about the Type-Off’s history and rules on our official Facebook page (Please “like” our Facebook Fan page to unlock updates and special promotions).

Please send media requests to suman@klughaus.net

Now get ready to TYPE!