RECAP: Rime & Toper “Snap Back – Dangerous Drawings About NY” Opening at Klughaus Gallery NY

Last Saturday, we had our anniversary show at Klughaus Gallery featuring RIME & TOPER.  This was our final show at the 47 Monroe space before we move to a new location in 2013!  We will definitely miss this place.  The title of the show, “Snap Back – Dangerous Drawings About NY” lived up to it’s name as the Fire Department & NYPD showed up because there were so many people that came to see the show.  A catalog of the remaining pieces is available on our website: http://./images/flyers/klughaus_rime_toper_catalog.pdf

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The show is up through Jan. 1, 2013.  We are open Thurs & Fri from 1-7pm and Sat & Sun from 12-6pm (and any other day or time by appointment.)

Klughaus Gallery (Chinatown/LES)
47 Monroe St.
New York, NY 10002

Check out some of the photos from the opening night below:

RIME TOPER "Snap Back" at Klughaus Gallery

Rime & Toper - Snap Back at Klughaus Gallery

TOPER BBT "Snap Back" at Klughaus Gallery

RIME TOPER at Klughaus Gallery

Klughaus Gallery NYC LES Chinatown

Rime at Klughaus Gallery Opening "Snap Back"

Rime Opening at Klughaus Gallery NY

Jersey Joe & Meca

Rime Graffiti at Klughaus Gallery NYC

Snap Back - Dangerous Drawings About NY Opening

Eric Haze & Chino BYI

Eric Haze & Chino at Klughaus Gallery

Liz at Klughaus Gallery

Rime at Klughaus Gallery

Rime "Dangerous Joseph Shit" at Klughaus Gallery

Rime Story at Klughaus Gallery

Story about the painting by RIME above:

“Teenagers on a pigeon infested rooftop painting with a twin brother lookout on the street level. Lookout all decked out in a flashy white track suit looking as if he’s slinging on the block. Cops roll up interrogating and notice his eyes stray to the roof. Laying across a few inch spread of pigeon shit you further flatten to avoid the maglite shine. New Yankee cap has been officially violated. Hold tight but disgusted until they bounce. No desire to finish, just the urge to strip to minimum, get home and disinfect.”

TOPER "Roomates" at Klughaus Gallery

TOPER "Thugsport"

RIME/TOPER "Blast Off"

RIME Detail at Klughaus Gallery

Below are some photos from the opening found on Instagram…

Klughaus Gallery Opening

FDNY x Klughaus Gallery

Packed at Klughaus Gallery

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Klughaus Gallery (Chinatown/LES)
47 Monroe St.
New York, NY 10002

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We leave you with this Converse Wall to Wall video featuring Jersey Joe:

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