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For mural commissions (with client art direction), please visit our other brand’s website: Graffiti USA

Klughaus is a national creative agency with roots in street art and graffiti culture. Our goal is to partner trendsetting artists with leading companies on a wide range of creative projects, including large-scale mural installations, product design, and on-site activations.

As a company founded by graffiti and street artists with decades of professional experience in the corporate world, we have bridged the gap between commercial and creative and fully understand the needs of both the client and artist. We pride ourselves on being tastemakers in our industry, with fresh and unique concepts constantly being developed by our talented team.

Letter from the founders:

“The founders of Klughaus have deep roots within the graffiti/street art community that we promote. As first hand artists with decades of experience, we have personally dealt with the legal, political and often emotional struggles of this art form being socially accepted throughout the years. As a result, one of our main goals is to push the graffiti/street art culture in a progressive direction and focus on educating the clients that we work with in the process.

A solid foundation of stylized letterform and the medium of spray paint are subjects rarely taught in formal art education today. Originally, these were skills passed down through generations of graffiti & street artists through informal apprenticeships. A true graffiti/street artist comes from the nature of working under pressure with limited resources and understands the best way to design on a large scale. These are some of the main traits that distinguish many of the studio artists recently turned so called “street artist” from those who have true roots in this culture.

At Klughaus, all of our artists have mastered their roots in letterform/style writing and have evolved to have their own distinct post-graffiti style. The main advantage we have over other agencies is that everyone we employ is an experienced graffiti/street artist, which eliminates the unnecessary middleman. When it comes to client projects, we have a 360-degree vision of everything that is required on both the artists’ and clients’ end to successfully execute a project.”