BCG Digital Ventures Hudson Yards Office – Rime

Boston Consulting Group – Digital Ventures reached out to Klughaus to create a piece in their new state of the art offices at 10 Hudson Yards in Manhattan. We were excited to connect them with NYC graffiti artist, Rime, who has a long history of work in NYC and the High Line.

BCG encouraged Rime to do what he does best with little creative control. Through his application of bold colors, graphic line work and diverse textures, accomplished by using various instruments including fire extinguishers and bug sprayers, RIME created a multilayered composition mimicking the wildstyle work he has created in the public for decades.

The end result was an incredible piece filling the entrance area.  Check out some images of the completed piece below.

All photos © Vickie Warpas

rime hudson yards
rime office mural klughaus
rime hudson yards klughaus
jersey joe klughaus  bcg