Def Jam “Purpose” Tracklisting Release

In 2015, Klughaus worked with Def Jam to execute a national graffiti mural campaign.  The Def Jam artist that we worked with on this project was Justin Bieber and the concept was to release the track listing of his new album “Purpose” through graffiti murals created by several of our Klughaus artists.  We helped secure the mural locations along with curating the best artists in multiple cities including New York City, Chicago, Seattle, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Boston, Austin, Oklahoma City , Washington DC and Atlanta.  Justin Bieber released the photos of the murals via is Instagram account with over 58 million followers!

Some of the artists that participated in this project include: Seb Gorey, Amuse126, Kem5, Arek, Gloss Black, Merlot, Victor Ving, Awe2, Andrew Manning, and Rpes.  Check out some photos from the project below.

Klughaus Purpose Awe2
Klughaus Andrew Manning Austin
Klughaus Kem5 Boston
Klughaus Amuse126 Chicago
Klughaus Arek DC
Klughaus Gorey NY
Klughaus Victor Ving OKC
Klughaus Gloss Black Philly
Klughaus Merlot Seattle
Klughaus Rpes SF