PAL Crew (Paris) NYC Exhibiton

Klughaus, in association with LRG and Brisk, are proud to present PALINGENESIS, a long awaited group exhibition featuring Paris’ PAL (Peace and Love) Crew, which includes HORFE, GOREY, CONY, TOMEK, SAEYO, MOSA, ESSO and SKUB.

One of the most prolific graffiti crews in Paris, PAL is united by its members’ shared love of creative expression. With GOREY as a forefather, the PAL collective has developed a unique movement and style of graffiti that is completely their own. The crew’s incorporation of fine art elements into its work on the streets is pushing the concept of graffiti in a new and refreshing direction.

While there is a complicated line between graffiti and fine art, PAL has made a smooth transition into the fine art world in a tasteful way that does not categorize the work as simply “graffiti,” yet sustains the collective’s distinct styles and energy within a gallery setting. PALINGENESIS will be the first time that the collective is showing together stateside. The show represents how the group is coming alive on a new continent as well as its artistic re-birth as evolving fine artists.

pal crew klughaus