Mentoring The Next Generation of Graffiti Artists
Annual Scholarship Award for Fine Art Students

At Klughaus, our mission is to expand the possibilities of graffiti — both as an artform and as a career path for individual artists. Given it’s a generational craft, we deeply believe that graffiti’s evolution depends on the next generation to thrive.

The “Klughaus x Graffiti USA” scholarship continues our commitment to the graffiti community. In 2019, we’re awarding our first-ever $2,500 scholarship to one passionate student enrolled in (or intending to pursue) a fine arts degree.

Open to national applicants through Scholarship America, we’re seeking hard working and talented artists, with excellent academic records, who are passionate about graffiti, street art and murals. Our team will review the candidate’s art portfolio, lettering and spray paint skills. We’ll then select one applicant to receive financial support towards continuing their education in the arts, along with mentorship to transform their artistry into a lifelong career.

For those applicants in New York City, summer internships are also available.

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“This scholarship enables the next generation to pursue their callings and continue the legacy of street art.”