The Meadows 2017 – Glossblack

The Meadows 2017 – Glossblack

For the second consecutive year, Meadows Music Festival has turned to our talented team for exceptional artists and seamless project management to create massive pieces of artwork in a short period of time for their music and arts festival.

Not only is this artwork used as an Instagram-worthy backdrop for fashionistas and music lovers alike, but Glossblack’s work took right stage to major acts like Jay-Z, Gorillaz, Future, NAS, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and was featured in many articles about the festival and BET interview with the festival’s owner.

Find more images of the festival and artwork on Instagram

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Taste of Tennis – 2017 US Open

Taste of Tennis – 2017 US Open

We worked with Vizie and the client to create a custom graphic for an event held at the W New York.  The graffiti inspired artwork was used in several applications to create a modern/edgy environment for the event.

Citi Taste of Tennis New York is a delicious way to kick off Grand Slam tennis in NYC. Enjoy gourmet bites by the city’s top chefs, signature cocktails and rub elbows with your favorite tennis players! This exciting food and tennis celebration takes place on August 24!

These one of a kind events features food prepared by leading chefs and appearances by the world’s top tennis players! Taste of Tennis kicks off major tennis tournaments throughout North America.

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Meet Me In The Gap – Glossblack

Meet Me In The Gap – Glossblack

Glossblack and Fik-Shun collaborate on this awesome dance x art piece for The Gap Fall 2017 campaign.  The video was directed by Director X who is responsible for many iconic music videos including “Hotline Bling” by Drake, “Work” by Rihanna and “Body Part” by Ciara.

Introducing #MeetMeInTheGap: It’s about bringing people together to discover the beautiful things we can create when nothing keeps us apart. When we take the chance to meet people not like us, spend time with them, get to know them and close the gaps between us, we tend to find we have more in common than we thought. #MeetMeInTheGap

Check out the video and some photos from behind the scenes!

Project Inquiries:
Phone: 646-801-6024

Netflix – OITNB Season 5

Netflix – OITNB Season 5 Murals

To promote the Season 5 premiere of the Netflix’s Orange Is The New Black, we worked with B Reel Creative Agency and Netflix to create international murals in cities including Melbourne, Sydney, Toronto, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Detroit.  The artists that were part of this project included: Mast (NY), Tewsr (LA), Max Sansing (CHI), Elle (MEL), Vexta (SYD), Amanda Lynn (SF), Michelle Tanguay (DET) and Ness Lee (TOR)

Firefly Music Festival 2017

Firefly Music Festival 2017

We were glad to be invited back to Dover, Delaware to create murals and environment design for the Firefly Music Festival !  This year, we worked with Vizie & Glossblack  on new murals for The Fort & VIP loft wall.  Our murals from last year were also brought back and incorporated into this year’s festival in different locations.  We look forward to working again with this amazing team next year!

Go Skateboarding Day 2017

Nike SB – Go Skateboarding Day 2017

We partnered with Nike SB to create a logo for the 2017 Go Skateboarding Day event in the Lower East Side at Coleman Skate Park.  Collaborating with Dominic Corry and Victor Ving, they designed a large letter postcard style design with imagery of iconic NYC skate spots in all the boroughs.  The designs were used for banners, t-shirts, ramp vinyl graphics and a photo booth backdrop.

Interactive Sound Mural – Gorey x OTB

Interactive Sound Murals Activated By Touch

Lyrical Partners reached out to us to create a unique artwork installation to be featured in their new office in New York City. Brooklyn based One Thousand Birds had the technology to create an interactive mural that emits sounds when touched. Our artist Seb Gorey painted a piece on top of an under layer of conductive paint which was then wired behind the canvas and amplified by a built in speaker. He also picked sound samples (instruments, subway announcements, etc.) that tied in with the touch points in the mural.  The final piece was an amazing painting that you could actually play as an instrument itself!  This was an awesome way to integrate technology with fine artwork and we couldn’t be any happier with the end product. Be sure to check out the video below of this amazing installation!

murals touch sound
klughaus sound mural
murals that make sound

BCG Hudson Yards – Rime

BCG Digital Ventures Hudson Yards Office – Rime

Boston Consulting Group – Digital Ventures reached out to Klughaus to create a piece in their new state of the art offices at 10 Hudson Yards in Manhattan. We were excited to connect them with NYC graffiti artist, Rime, who has a long history of work in NYC and the High Line.

BCG encouraged Rime to do what he does best with little creative control. Through his application of bold colors, graphic line work and diverse textures, accomplished by using various instruments including fire extinguishers and bug sprayers, RIME created a multilayered composition mimicking the wildstyle work he has created in the public for decades.

The end result was an incredible piece filling the entrance area.  Check out some images of the completed piece below.

All photos © Vickie Warpas

rime hudson yards
rime office mural klughaus
rime hudson yards klughaus
jersey joe klughaus  bcg

The Meadows 2016 Music Festival

The Meadows NYC Music Festival 2016

When The Meadows NYC reached out for us to create some artwork for their festival in our hometown of Queens, NY we couldn’t refuse!  We brought together a talented team of graffiti artists including DMOTE, GOREY, MAST, STAE2, VIZIE and VOR138.  All of the artists are well known for their letter based graffiti but this was an interesting post-graffiti style collaboration focusing on imagery and abstracts.

Photos of the pieces and a video recap below: